HAND Yahoo Message Board
The HAND message board has been created to bring together a community of very special parents in the greater Houston area and provide on-going, non-confrontational support as you grieve your loss. We want to encourage discussion, but remind all participants to please be respectful to others' feelings and/or beliefs in your responses.

HAND Pregnancy After a Loss
The HAND Pregnancy After A Loss Board is a place to discuss subsequent pregnancy and birth as well as parenting after a previous loss. Feel free to share your "rainbow" babies here as well as discuss issues pertaining to fertility and pregnancy. This is also a great way to share those baby photos and ultrasound scans and discuss concerns and feelings you may have about pregnancy after a loss.

These boards will be moderated and HAND reserves the right to determine if a post is appropriate, as well as the right to edit content submitted. Editing will be kept to a minimum only deleting language deemed derogatory or disrespectful to other participants, as well as names of specific hospitals and/or healthcare providers.